Brand PacifiClear
Manufacturer Part Number F022050050PC
Manufacturer Description 50LB CAL SHOCK CHLORINE
Country of Origin Code United States of America
Type Granule
Package Quantity 1
Form Granule
Container Size 50 Lb.
UPC 00758293592299
Size 50 Lb.

More Information


Granular form of chlorine used to chlorinate, sanitize, and disinfect swimming pools. Contains 65% available chlorine. Convenient, easy to use, and fast dissolving. Chlorine is released when the product is dissolved in water and works continually to prevent growth of algae and bacteria. Used for shocking or super chlorinating pool water to destroy organic contaminants and clear up hazy water. Can also be used as a sanitizer and disinfectant for: sewage and waste water applications, sanitize wells and natural springs, industrial water treatment, aquaculture, poultry plants, and kills and prevents growth of mold and fungi.

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